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welcome to pit north

The Pit North is a Hawaiian Kempo gym that offers a variety of programs and classes for people of all ages and athletic backgrounds. No matter what age you are or what shape you are currently in, we have a program for you. Pit North will get you in the best shape of your life guaranteed. Classes are very challenging and effective, and yet always up-beat and fun. So if you want to learn how to fight, compete, progress in the belt system, or just want to get in great shape Pit North is the place to go.

We have a huge 3,600 square foot facility that is capable of holding a class size of thirty. We have a cage wall, climbing rope, 10 hanging bags, pull up bars, a beautifully padded floor, wrestling mats, medicine balls, a weight area with lots of weight equipment, and tons of martial arts equipment. We have approximately 200 members that are instructed by our dedicated staff, which includes: Castle Williams, Bryan Smith, Josh Johnson, Staci Emmack, Adrian Iriarte and Antonio Banuelos.

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